Saturday 13 August 2022

REVIEW: Crawlspace (2022) - Starring Henry Thomas, Bradley Stryker and C. Ernst Harth

Review by Jon Donnis
I have had Crawlspace queued up for a while now, but didn't have chance to see it until now, and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised.

Crawlspace is a survival crime thriller, starring Henry Thomas as a plumber called Robert, in his day-to-day life, with his wife Carrie (Played by Olivia Taylor Dudley) and super cute young baby, he finds himself being taken advantage of by people, who use him, and don't pay him the money he is owed for work. He is your classic working-class underdog.

One day while working in the crawlspace under a house, he witnesses a murder by two men, Sterling (played by Bradley Stryker) and Dooley (C. Ernst Harth). They are a couple of criminals searching for a hidden stash of money at the house. 

When Robert sees the murder, he needs to find a way to keep hidden, while also trying to escape the killers as they find themselves in something of a standoff.  

Although we have seen similar films to this a hundred times before, I found Crawlspace to be well made, and definitely stands out against films in this genre. There are some comedic moments, as well as a few scenes that reminded me of Home Alone. There is a decent twist in the film too, and satisfying ending.

There are a few eye rolling moments, but even though that will be your reaction, it won't stop your enjoyment of the film. Throw in some cops to also spice things up, and you have a decent thriller on your hands to enjoy.

The Good
Henry Thomas is really likeable as Robert the plumber, very much an underdog character that you want to succeed. And Bradley Stryker and C. Ernst Harth play off each other really well as the two bad guys. With a runtime of about 85 minutes, this is an easy to watch film.

The Bad
I would have liked to have seen a few more Home Alone style attacks, but other than that the film is perfectly fine as it is.

Very watchable survival thriller. Give it a look.

I score Crawlspace a strong 8/10
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