Sunday 15 May 2022

REVIEW: Reign of Chaos (2022) - Starring Rebecca Finch, Rita Di Tuccio & Georgia Wood

Review by Jon Donnis
A low budget British Horror you say? Well I don't mind if I do Sir!

From Proportion Productions comes Reign of Chaos.

For centuries The evil God Chaos (Marc Seers) has been gaining power by infecting souls, "he escaped the realm of Chaos a void between Heaven and Earth, he defied the Gods of Ancient Greece, spreading diseases and blasphemous ideas of revolution, Olympus fell many centuries ago, as Zeus and his fellow gods faded like burnt stars, with no gods to wreak his vengeance upon, Chaos sought those crafted in Zeus's image, the humans." Now ignoring the timeline errors, which should be millennia and not centuries, the basic premise comes down to an evil plague set upon the human race, that turns people into "rabid creatures"

Only the descendants of Nike the ancient Greek goddess, (Nicole played by Rebecca Finch, Alina played by Rita Di Tuccio & Lindsay played by Georgia Wood) and not the shoe, can stop Chaos, and save the world. Chaos realises that he needs to destroy the Nike bloodline, to complete his total domination.

The three women are brought together and told they have the power to stop Chaos. Cue the training montages, and leather cat suits and the girls are ready to kick some ass.

Is the film a bit silly in parts? Yes!, is it campy as hell? Yes!, this is low Budget British horror as it should be.

The Good
A lot is done with a small budget, and will introduce many people to the three actresses who are either just getting going in the acting world, or are trying to climb up the ladder. Plus this film is British, and we need to support independent British film, especially in the horror genre.

The Bad
The film is campy, the plot is a bit silly to say the least.

If low budget, British horror is your thing, then this if the film for you. 

I score Reign of Chaos an understanding 7/10

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