Wednesday 11 May 2022

REVIEW: The Lost City (2022) Stars Sandra Bullock, Channing Tatum and Daniel Radcliffe

Review by Jon Donnis
Sandra Bullock plays Loretta Sage a middle-aged romance novelist, she writes books about a fictional hero called Dash McMahon, he is portrayed on the book covers by model Alan Caprison played by Channing Tatum.

Loretta's publicist Beth Hatten played by Da'Vine Joy Randolph, insists that Loretta needs to go on a book tour with Alan to help promote the newest book release.

The book launch starts badly and gets worse, Alan loses his wonderous long blonde wig, and falls off the stage, after the event Loretta is kidnapped by billionaire Abigail Fairfax played by Daniel Radcliffe. He has figured out that Loretta has based her books on a real historical event, and includes research she did with her late husband who was an archaeologist, and that she has been able to decrypt an ancient language, with this knowledge he hopes to find the location of a Lost City, and specifically the "Crown of Fire", Loretta is being forced to help him.

Fairfax puts her to sleep with chloroform and takes her to the island. Alan witnesses the kidnapping, and due to his secret love for Loretta decides to hire a former Navy SEAL and CIA operative, Jack Trainer (Brad Pitt) to help him rescue her. Alan is no more than a model, so doesn't help much, and Trainer manages to save Loretta pretty much on his own, but gets shot in doing so. 

What follows is a fun film that has Loretta and Alan being chased by Fairfax's henchmen, and then hoping to find the Lost City themselves.

The film has some decent action scenes, some acceptable CGI, and some funny lines thrown in there. HOWEVER, I just think that Channing Tatum was the wrong person to be cast in the film. 
Sandra Bullock who still looks great, is at least 15 years older than Tatum in real life, and perhaps needed a male lead who was more mature looking, although Tatum is in his early 40s, he kind of looks like early 20s, and he can be quite wooden as an actor.

I hate to say this, but we all know who should have been in this role, a man who has appeared in endless Jungle based movies, yes Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. The problem with that is just last year he starred in Jungle Cruise and Red Notice which has similarities to this film, but were both superior films.

I will say however, there is a fun scene with leaches which is very much for the ladies watching. 

Daniel Radcliffe is great as the whiney billionaire and Brad Pitt, although in a relatively small role, played his part well.

The Good
A fun film, all the set pieces are done well, and is definitely worth watching.

The Bad
Not at all original, and Channing Tatum was just bad casting for this.

It's great to see Sandra Bullock back on the big screen, she seemed to disappear for a few years after Bird Box, so nice to have her back in films.

I enjoyed The Lost City, and it is worth seeing despite a few of the issues I mentioned.
I score The Lost City a fair 7/10

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