Friday 13 May 2022

REVIEW: Infinite Storm (2022) - Starring Naomi Watts & Billy Howle

Review By Jon Donnis
Infinite Storm is based on the very real story of Pam Bales.

Pam Bales (Naomi Watts) is a search and rescue volunteer, one morning she goes on a hike up Mount Washington, almost without warning a storm sets in. After a few stumbles, and a fall, she gets on her way but then sees footprints in the snow, the footprints are from basic trainers, so she realises that someone unprepared is nearby.

She sees a man in the snow, almost frozen, and dressed completely inappropriately for mountain hiking, she realises he is alive, and quickly gets to work to warm him up, and redress him in better clothes. He isn't very friendly, and doesn't seem to want to volunteer much information about himself, Pam decides to call him John. John is played by Billy Howle.

What follows is a trek to safety down the mountain, and the various obstacles they need to overcome.

This is a strange film, for the first 30 minutes there is very little dialog, and the film moves quite slowly, but when the character of Pam finds John, things pick up.

As we go on, we get some flashbacks that reveal more from Pam's history, and the final scene, is an emotional one, that bookends the film nicely.

The Good
A very emotional ending, and straightforward story mean that you don't need to do much work as a viewer. 

The Bad
The way the story is told, there is perhaps not enough development of the characters, which can perhaps leave the viewer cold, when reacting to certain events in the film.

A straightforward story, with beautiful scenery, and a strong performance by Naomi Watts. A bit more character development would have been nice.

I score Infinite Storm a fair 7/10
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