Tuesday 10 May 2022

REVIEW: 2000 Mules - A documentary film by Dinesh D’Souza

Review by Jon Donnis
I am a skeptic, I am a critical thinker, I am a journalist with 2 decades of experience investigating fraud. When the 2020 election happened my skeptical senses went off, something was clearly wrong here.

Like Trump or hate Trump, he increased his vote numbers by 10 million, no second term President ever gets more votes the second time round, Obama for example when first elected in 2008 got 69,498,516, a historic election, the first black President, in 2012 he got 65,915,795. He got less votes, and still won the second term.

So straight away Trump getting 10 million more votes and not winning seemed fishy.

Then you consider that he was packing out 50,000 seat arenas, and Biden barely campaigned at all.
Trump won the so called bellweather States, States that historically give a good prediction of who will win the election. Then there was the 3am "dumps" and we all know what happened next.

With all that I was pretty skeptical that the election was fair, but with Covid, and the mass mail out ballots, I accepted that people who probably didn't usually vote, suddenly had a ballot mailed to them, and thought what the hell. Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg spent hundreds of millions of dollars in areas that are left leaning, to get people to vote, so in the end despite it clearly being a "bit dodgy" I accepted the result of the election, despite all the red flags, and the sheer lunacy of accepting that Joe Biden got 12 million more votes than Obama did, when the Obama Presidency was so historic.

Fast forward a few years and still the questions linger, Trump still insists that the election was stolen, and then seemingly out of nowhere, well at least out of nowhere from my point of view, Dinesh D’Souza announces a documentary that he claims will expose the election fraud.

So I decided to sit down and watch the film, so I could make up my own mind, I already had read the so called Fact Checks from the left wing media, fact checks based purely from the trailer and not the actual film, claiming that it was misleading and so on. I wanted to at least make sure I had my skeptical hat on when watching the film.

What follows was 90 minutes of my jaw dropping to the floor.

Every time I had in my mind the classic skeptical response of "yes but this is could explain it", they explained in detail how it worked. 

They explain through the collection of 10 trillion cell phone pings, geotracking, security video footage, everything you can imagine, we are talking the kind of technical data that the DOJ and FBI uses to prosecute criminals, not to mention technology that the Army uses to take out terrorists, they "expose an elaborate network of paid professional operatives called mules delivering fraudulent and illegal votes to mail-in dropboxes in the five key states where the election was decided."

This is the biggest scandal of my lifetime, a literal stolen Presidential Election, it doesn't get bigger than that.

We are not talking about facebook memes sponsored by Iran or Russia, we are not talking about dodgy advertisements on billboards, we are talking about 100% proof of people paid to deliver thousands of illegal ballots. After watching this film, whether you are left or right wing, whether you were for Trump or for Biden, whether you already believed the election was stolen, or thought it was the most secure electionin history, after watching this, you will have no doubt left in your mind whatsoever that fraud on a level never seen before happened. People need to be arrested. And this should never be allowed to happen again.

If anthing this film is a lesson in which any country should pay close attention, if you want a free and fair election, you need to pay close attention and put safeguards in place.

I score 2000 Mules a perfect 10/10, that is how important this film is as a historical documentary.

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