Saturday 30 April 2022

REVIEW: Fortress: Sniper’s Eye - Stars Bruce Willis, Chad Michael Murray and Jesse Metcalfe

Review By Jon Donnis
It wasn't that long ago that I reviewed Fortress. And when I saw this new release, I thought it was the same film, just with a slightly different name for a new market, but then I realised it is actually the sequel! Yes the sequel that no one asked for, but we have it, so thought I would take a look.

In the past I have been quite harsh on Bruce Willis for churning out an endless stream of straight to digital, low budget films, that he hardly appears in, but with his diagnosis of aphasia, (brain issues), I now can understand why he did these films, which for him meant little time actually filming, but also making a living. In fact I already have another Bruce Willis film queued up to watch and review, and I believe after that there is still another 6 Bruce Willis films ready to be released!

With Fortress: Sniper's Eye now confirmed to be the second film in a trilogy, let's quickly remind ourselves of what happened in the first film. Bruce Willis stars as Robert Michaels, a retired CIA agent who lives in a secret retirement village in the middle of the woods. His estranged son Paul, played by Jesse Metcalfe decides to come to the village to visit his father, straight away Paul realises things are a bit strange as the retirement village is surrounded by high security, fences and guards. Fast forward a few weeks, and we are now in the new film's timeline. 

Robert (Bruce Willis) makes a daring rescue to save Sasha, the widow of the bad guy from the first film played by Balzary (Chad Michael Murray). Sasha seems to be grateful for being rescued, but before you know it, the "Fortress" is back under attack. Bruce Willis was shot in the rescue, so seems to stay in a bed for most of the film. And we have shoot outs, escapes, and the usual action you would expect.

There are a few flashbacks to scenes from the first film to help you remember who is who and how we got here.

The Good
I do think this film is better than the first, being released so close together, helps keep everything in your mind if you saw the first film, they get to the action much quicker, and despite the low budget, everything looks decent and at about 90 minutes, it is the perfect runtime.

The Bad
It's low budget and Bruce Willis is hardly in it.

If you liked the first film, you will like this. Like the first film it isn't going to set the world alight, they do a decent job with a low budget.

With the limitations in mind, I score Fortress: Sniper's Eye a fair 7.5/10

Out now on Digital, and on DVD/Bluray shortly - Fortress: Sniper’s Eye