Wednesday 16 March 2022

REVIEW: Supercool (2022) Stars Jake Short, Miles J. Harvey and Damon Wayans Jr.

Review by Jon Donnis
Been a while since I have seen a Teen based comedy. I remember the classics like Porky's or American Pie which still stir the memories today, Supercool at its base is a film about a virgin wanting to get laid, but unfortunately in the modern era you just can't make comedies like that anymore, so from the start Supercool is limited in where it can go. Saying that however it does have its moments.

The film stars Jake Short and Miles J Harvey as Neil and Gilbert, they have just started their senior year of high school, so I think that would be 17 or 18? Both Neil and Gilbert have high hopes and aspirations. 

The film starts with school kids on the school bus, suddenly a masked man with a gun gets on the bus and kidnaps Neil's crush Summer (Madison Davenport) and throws her in a van. What follows is a pretty awesome scene, with Neil and Gilbert taking control of the school bus, chasing after the kidnapper, and rescuing Summer, but it is all just in the imagination of Neil, who drew the scene in his notebook.

First day of school, and Neil throws up on his crush Summer, and all seems lost. But while sat on the roof with Gilbert later that night, he makes a wish to be "cool". 

Neil wakes up the next day with a new handsome face. At school he convinces Gilbert that he is really Neil, and what follows is lots of classic teen set pieces, an epic party, and Neil's 30-year-old neighbour Jimmy (Damon Wayans Jr.) all taking part in a night that no one will ever forget.

There are some genuine laugh out loud moments, plenty of cringe, and a predictable love story. It may be a bit tame by the standards of the great films of the 80s and 90s, but it is still decent.

The Good
A fun film, that is not offensive, but has a few adult moments, and a decent number of laughs.

The Bad
Compared to Porky's or American pie, and this film pales in comparison, very predictable.

For a paint by numbers, non-offensive teen comedy, it ticks all the boxes.
I doubt it will gain a cult like following, but it is still worth watching.

I score Supercool a fair 7/10