Sunday 13 March 2022

REVIEW: The Requin (2022) Starring Alicia Silverstone and James Tupper

Review by Jon Donnis
The Requin stars Alicia Silverstone as Jaelyn and James Tupper as Kyle, a married couple on a luxury holiday in Vietnam, they rent a cabin that floats on the water, we soon find out that Jaelyn recently lost a child in childbirth after she has a flashback upon seeing blood from Kyle's leg when he cuts it swimming.

Before you know it a Monsoon has hit the area, the fancy cabin breaks from the ropes holding it, and they start floating out to see, despite having a chance to climb on a rock relatively near to shore, they decide it is too dangerous with the waves, and stay on the cabin, which is now basically a raft. Day turns to Night turns to Day to Night, and they are stuck in the middle of the sea. Kyle has a broken leg, and blood has attracted sharks. And that is the basic premise of this thriller/horror film.

Alicia Silverstone is very screamy in this film, and James Tupper is the husband who can't do anything right.

The ending has a twist you will see a mile off too.

This is a low budget film, so you will have to put up with some dodgy special effects, as well as the continued stupidity of the two main characters.

The Requin quickly turns into one of those films that you find yourself commenting on as you watch. Usually to point out mistakes, things that makes no sense, idiotic decisions by the characters and so on. And that in itself can actually be quite fun.

The Good
Been a while since i have seen Alicia Silverstone in a film, so nice to see her. The ending despite the ridiculous nature is fun.

The Bad
For a film with a massive shark on the poster, it takes way too long for even the idea of sharks to be brought up. And the film takes itself way too seriously.

There have been what seems like endless films about sharks and people caught on rafts etc. And this is one of those films.
There is fun to be had with shouting at the screen.

I score The Requin a super generous 6/10, since I liked the silly ending, and I do like shouting at stupid people on screen.

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