Monday 7 February 2022

REVIEW: The Legend of La Llorona (2022)

Review by Jon Donnis
How am I back to reviewing another B movie horror film! This time it is The Legend of La Llorona, starring Autumn Reeser, Antonio Cupo, Danny Trejo, Zamia Fandiño, Josh Zaharia, Fernanda Aguilar, Nicolas Madrazo, Edgar Wuotto, and Angélica Lara.

The basic story revolves around a couple vacationing in Mexico, they discover that their son's disappearance is tied to a supernatural curse. Sounds good right!

The whole film is set in a dense, dark forest, and you know when things are dark from the start, it is a cover for some dodgy special effects. 

Autumn Reeser stars as suburban California mother Carly Candlewood, Antonio Cupo plays her husband Andrew and young son Danny played by Nicolas Madrazo. Carly recently had a miscarriage so what better place to get over that tragedy, than a holiday in a haunted hotel in a corner of Mexico that is spooked by a weeping ghost (La Llorona played by Zamia Fandiño) that likes to steal children and hunt their parents. La Llorona is "weeping" due to her own loss of a child, hence why she is stealing children. 

The strange thing is that the locals seemingly know about all of this and even have posters up of all the missing kids. You would think they would warn holiday makers about this wouldn't you!

La Llorona is getting more and more powerful, and as she does, she becomes more physical than ghost, what follows is a bit of a cat and mouse situation, ghost catches Danny, Danny gets free, Carly fights ghost. Thrown in Danny Trejo as strange heroic taxi driver bodyguard attached to the hotel, also fighting the ghost and that's pretty much your film.

The Good
The film has Danny Trejo in it, and everyone loves Danny Trejo.

The Bad
Super low budget, very repetitive, slightly naff special effects.

Sadly, a bit of a disappointment, the acting falls flat, and although there is an attempt at a few one liners, they never quite hit.
If you are a fan of naff B Movie horror films, maybe you will get something from this.

I score The Legend of La Llorona is poor 4/10

Out on Digital now.