Friday 11 February 2022

REVIEW: Brazen (2022) - Starring Alyssa Milano, Sam Page and Matthew Finlan

Review by Jon Donnis
Brazen is the latest "straight to Netflix" film released on erm... Netflix. Directed by Monika Mitchell and starring Alyssa Milano, Sam Page and Matthew Finlan, and based on Nora Roberts's novel Brazen Virtue.

Alyssa Milano plays Grace Miller, a mystery novelist with a large following, one day she visits her sister, Kathleen, played by Emilie Ullerup. Kathleen is recently divorced and in a custody battle with her ex. 
Due to her troubles, Kathleen is living in a rundown neighbourhood which surprises her sister Grace. Kathleen needs a decent lawyer, so along with working as a teacher, she moonlights as an online sex performer, think OnlyFans and you get the idea. 

Kathleen is promised full anonymity by the company she works for, Fantasy Inc, however one day she is murdered, and Grace decides to help solve the crime in classic Jessica Fletcher style. (Murder She Wrote)

Grace decides to set a trap for the killer, and masquerade as Desire, the name her sister used previously online.

Granted, the story sounds decent, and the promise of Alyssa Milano appearing in leather is quite enticing. However, the film is terrible. Alyssa Milano has the acting ability of a piece of wood that has sank to the bottom of the ocean, and the sight of her cleavage is simply not enough to warrant anyone to watch this drivel.

You could watch any episode of Murder She Wrote or Columbo, and you would have a better time.

At 90 minutes the film feels about 70 minutes too long. I am happy that some actors got a pay check, but this is one film I would not want on my CV.

The Good
Alyssa Milano in leather near the end of the film with her breasts almost falling out.

The Bad
The writing, the directing, the acting.

If this film comes up as a recommendation on Netflix for you, then cancel your account.

I score Brazen a 1/10 - The 1 is for the leather outfit.

Review by Jon Donnis