Sunday 7 February 2016

Hybrids - Sci-Fi Short Film Review by Paul Downey

‘Hybrids’ is a post-apocalyptic short from Writer/Director Patrick Kalyn which is a slick effort which leaves us begging for more.

We open as an alien race look to find a ‘key’ and set out on a mission, we assume to planet earth.

Then we switch to a young mum and her daughter playing in the garden, next thing the young girl disappears.

We then switch the mum in the present day who has become a Sarah Connor like military warrior battling the alien threat.

The action scenes of ‘Hybrid’ are definitely its strength as Daniella Evangelista’s warrior battles hand to claw with the aliens.

It’s not just action where ‘Hybrid’ excels, there is a real poignancy to the affairs as the past and present are linked giving everything purpose.

The CGI aliens are extremely threatening with giant heads, lean bodies and metal claws are very intimidating especially when it’s three on one.

‘Hybrids’ has a satisfying ending but there’s enough open threads for the story to continue and evolve.

Where do the aliens come from? How did we get the point of war with an alien race?

Watch ‘Hybrids’ below and tell us your thoughts in the comments:

By Paul Downey


Enjoy this fantastic Sci-Fi short film by the talented Patrick Kalyn! In the wake of an alien infestation, an ex-special forces soldier's daughter is killed in an alien attack. Seeking revenge, she leads a team deep into alien territory to a quarantined lab. Soon, she discovers the aliens aren't alien at all, but a failed government experiment to create a bio-hybrid soldier. She must then expose the governments cover-up and save the last standing city in the quarantined zone from falling.

Written and Directed by Patrick Kalyn
Cinematographer: Cliff Hokanson
Produced by Gabriel Paul Napora / Triton Films
Music by Sam Hulick
Manager: Scott Glassgold / Ground Control