Monday 13 November 2023

NEWS & TRAILER: Wickedly Evil (2023) - Starring Joseph McGucken, James Farrelly, and Darryl Carter

By Jon Donnis
Prepare for a rollercoaster ride of Wickedly Evil thrills and bloody chills in this upcoming comedy horror film set to haunt your screens this November. Directed by the promising talent Garry Walsh, known for "Older Than Ireland," "Wickedly Evil" promises to be a wickedly good time you won't want to miss, brought to you by 101 Films.

Incompetent gangsters Frankie, Dancer, and Gaz, played by Joseph McGucken, James Farrelly, and Darryl Carter, have pulled off a daring heist against a notorious Irish crime family. But in a classic twist of unfortunate events, their lives take a dark turn when Clare, the mob's youngest sister, spots them trying to make their escape.

With Clare taken hostage and their crew in disarray, the gang finds themselves forced into hiding in a remote Irish countryside safe house. However, their problems are far from over. Their boss, The Chief, portrayed by Owen Roe, is more concerned about the stolen loot than the safety of his henchmen.

As the gang attempts to lay low, tensions simmer within their ranks. Suspicions arise among the local police, and their well-meaning next-door neighbor, Sadie, played by Cat L. Walsh, offers both lasagna and cryptic warnings about a recently vanished couple in the area.

Paranoia takes hold, and tensions flare as the gang's situation spirals out of control. It becomes apparent that evil can lurk in the most unexpected places, and the group soon finds themselves facing nightmarish horrors beyond their wildest imaginations.

"Wickedly Evil" promises a unique blend of boisterous humor, blood-curdling monstrous mayhem, and a twisted narrative that will keep you at the edge of your seat. Get ready for a spine-tingling, laughter-filled experience that will leave you wanting more.

Don't miss the digital release of "Wickedly Evil" on November 13, 2023, as it takes you on a terrifying yet hilariously entertaining journey into the heart of the Irish countryside, where danger and laughter collide in this wickedly sinister horror-comedy.