Wednesday 20 September 2023

NEWS & TRAILER: A Preview of "When Darkness Falls" - A Thrilling Trek into the Abyss

Gear up for a spine-chilling expedition into the unknown as "When Darkness Falls," a heart-stopping horror thriller, is poised to send shivers down your spine. Directed by Nathan Shepka, known for "Lock & Load" and "Holiday Monday," and scripted by Tom Jolliffe of "Renegades" fame, this pulse-pounding cinematic experience is scheduled to hit digital platforms on 2 October, thanks to Miracle Media Limited.

The tale unfolds amidst the breathtaking yet merciless Scottish Highlands, where a group of American friends embarks on a trek. However, what begins as an adventurous escapade soon spirals into a nightmarish journey. Jess and Andrea, the two intrepid souls at the centre of this chilling narrative, find themselves at the mercy of terror when they decide to split up during their hike, leading to Andrea's inexplicable disappearance.

As Jess races against the clock to unravel the mystery of her friend's vanishing act, the plot thickens and takes a dark, twisted turn. Suspicion clouds her surroundings, and the line between friend and foe blurs in the bleak landscape. Armed with desperation and determination, Jess must navigate the perilous Highlands to rescue her missing friend. But will she be able to triumph over the shadows of doubt, or will both of them succumb to the horrors that await them when darkness falls?

"When Darkness Falls" promises an electrifying rollercoaster of fear, intrigue, and unrelenting suspense, weaving a tapestry of dread that will leave audiences on the edge of their seats. With a gripping storyline and a talented creative team at the helm, this film is a journey into the abyss of fear, set against the stunning backdrop of the Scottish Highlands.

Set your calendar for 2 October 2023, when "When Darkness Falls" descends upon UK digital platforms, courtesy of Miracle Media Limited. Prepare to face your fears, for the darkness beckons.