Thursday 20 July 2023

NEWS & TRAILER: Chaos Rising - Starring Patrick Cappaloff Fowler

Chaos Rising, a spellbinding epic fantasy-action film, draws its inspiration from the immersive Warhammer universe. Standing tall like a passionate heart within the realm of independent cinema, this ambitious project punches well above its weight, boasting the qualities of a high-budget production.

The driving force behind Chaos Rising is a group of combat experts whose remarkable skills have graced productions like Outlander, Game of Thrones, and projects helmed by Ridley Scott. With funding secured through generous Kickstarter pledges, the original campaign target was effortlessly surpassed within just 24 hours, turning Chaos Rising into a sizzling topic of discussion on Reddit, social media, and YouTube.

The story unfolds within the fortified village of Breton, which finds itself under siege by the malevolent Chaos warband from the Northern wastes during the revered "Holy Grail Day" celebration. Caught off guard, Baron Heaubolt faces the onslaught of the formidable Chaos Marauder Skyehammer Clan. However, a glimmer of hope emerges with the timely arrival of Florian L'Anguille and his valiant knights. Will they stand a fighting chance against the besieging forces?

Filmed at the renowned Duncarron Medieval Village in Scotland, Chaos Rising immerses viewers in a captivating tale of pride, malice, vengeance, and the profound consequences they bring forth. With awe-inspiring battle scenes and thrilling action sequences, the film takes audiences on an enthralling journey. Whether you're an action movie aficionado, a history enthusiast, or a dedicated table-top gaming fan, Chaos Rising promises to captivate and enthral.

Chaos Rising is co-created and co-produced by Charlie Parker, Graeme Carlyle, Graeme McEwan, Roy Murray and award-winning VFX master Jack Fox. The film features a cast including Patrick Cappaloff Fowler, Charlie 'Chick' Allan, Daniel Arbon, Finn Allan, Brodie Toriati, Olivia Millar Ross, John Williams, Wayne Rogers, Dave Nordquist and Chara Gallos Allan.

The film's realistic fight and stunt scenes are courtesy of Graeme Carlyle, Graeme McEwan, Brodie Toriati and Patrick Cappaloff Fowler's background in on-screen fighting with Combat International, the stunt-performance division of Clan Ranald Trust for Scotland (led by Chick Allan, known for Gladiator). Chaos Rising's combat team has spent many years performing on-screen combat for films and TV, including Outlander, Game of Thrones House of the Dragon, Outlaw King, Justice League, Robin Hood and The Last Duel (Ridley Scott).

Together the creators of Chaos Rising have woven a tale of conflict, duality, and the grey areas within mortal warfare. They say, "War is never straightforward; we sought to construct an anti-hero versus villain narrative with understandable motivations. The idea of Chaos Rising transformed from a concept into reality; this is epic medieval drama, gore-soaked awesomeness and indie filmmaking at its finest. We hope people enjoy watching the film as much as we enjoyed making it. We are incredibly proud of what we have achieved".

Chaos Rising is available on YouTube from 5th August 2023