Thursday 6 July 2023

NEWS: Sound of Freedom (2023) is now the number 1 film in the US

There's a film called "Sound of Freedom," which is the number one film in the US. Surprisingly, you might not have heard of it. Why is that? Well, this film boasts renowned Hollywood stars such as Jim Caviezel (known for "The Passion of the Christ") and Academy Award winner Mira Sorvino (from "Mighty Aphrodite"). It was produced with a decent budget of $14.5 million and tackles the grave issue of human child trafficking. One would assume that such a film would gain widespread support and attention.

Look at the films it is outperforming

However, the film was actually completed back in 2018. Initially, a distribution deal was secured with 20th Century Fox. Unfortunately, when Disney acquired 20th Century Fox, they decided against releasing the film. Consequently, the filmmakers spent the past five years relentlessly attempting to regain the rights to the film from Disney. Recently, their efforts paid off when Angel Studios successfully crowdfunded enough money to acquire the film's rights and distribute it independently.

Curiously, as soon as the film's release was announced, the mainstream media launched a barrage of attacks against anyone associated with the film. Not only did they target the actors, but also any celebrity who expressed support for the project. They even resorted to spreading unfounded conspiracy theories about the film's production. Mainstream critics have steadfastly refused to review it. However, the smaller-scale reviewers who have shared their opinions on Rotten Tomatoes awarded it an impressive 88% rating based on 16 reviews, while the Verified Audience score currently stands at a perfect 100% based on 2,500+ reviews. This level of acclaim is truly remarkable for any film.

Despite Angel Studios' relatively modest distribution budget of around $5 million, the film has skyrocketed in popularity, claiming the number one spot at the box office. This raises some important questions: Why would Disney attempt to suppress a film shedding light on human and child trafficking? Why is the mainstream media avoiding coverage of it? Why are reporters and left-wing politicians so determined to discourage viewership and launch attacks against those involved?

Sometimes, the most vital films are the ones the establishment desperately wants to keep hidden from public view.

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