Monday 30 January 2023

TRAILER: Love Without Walls - directed and written by Jane Gull,


Sophie and Paul (an aspiring musician) can't pay their London rent and turn to friends and family for support.

Over the course of a summer, things go from bad to worse: The couple lose everything and find themselves lost in the underbelly of life on the streets. Though frustrated, their good humour and positivity land them odd jobs and a temporary shelter. 

A story of love, hope and survival in the darkest of times.

Producer Karen Newman said; "We're thrilled to be premiering Love Without Walls, at MIFF. A brilliant festival that champions independent films from around the world. Manchester is a great home for the film because of the city's vibrant music and arts scene. We can't wait to meet the Manchester audience..."

Director, Jane Gull, said "Love Without Walls’ is a combination of all the things I care about. I hope it will entertain whilst also inspiring important conversations."

Love Without Walls will have its World Premiere at Manchester Film Festival on March 12th