Friday 18 November 2022

TRAILER: Goodbye, Don Glees! - Coming to UK cinemas from 30th November


Teen misfits Roma, Toto, and Drop call themselves the “Don Glees,” an informal name for their backyard adventures. One day, when the trio gets blamed for a nearby forest fire, they set off into the woods to prove their innocence. As disaster strikes their expedition, tensions flare between the friends as they realize that growing up has taken them on wildly different paths in life.

With luminescent animation and lush backdrops, Goodbye, Don Glees! is a tender coming-of-age story about the fearlessness of being young and the bittersweet journey of self-discovery.

About Atsuko Ishizuka

Goodbye, Don Glees! Is the original feature debut of Atsuko Ishizuka, a rising female director in the male-dominated Japanese animation industry. Ishizuka made waves with her critically acclaimed 2018 television series A Place Further than the Universe, with the New York Times naming it one of the Best International Shows of the Year.

Fans of Japanese animation may also know her earlier work, No Game, No Life, an adaptation of the popular fantasy light novel series., and its theatrical prequel No Game, No Life the Movie: Zero.

Goodbye, DonGlees! will be released in cinemas from 30th November 2022 in Japanese with English subtitles, as well as an English language dub.