Friday 26 November 2021

Gregory Piper & Nicholas Clarke star in FIXED a gritty British gangster thriller premieres on UK digital 22 November


Described as ‘Uncut Gems meets Buried’ Fixed – starring Line of Duty’s Gregory Piper (Frankie) – is a gritty, nailbiting new British thriller from  Jez Alsop in his directorial debut. This anxiety inducing, gangster feature is set for its UK premiere on digital on 22 November.

Nicholas Clarke (Are We Dead Yet, Leopard) takes the lead in a stand-out performance, alongside Phillip Ray Tommy (Blackbird, King Arthur), Dean Kilbey (EastEnders, All the Money in the World) in this extreme-tension evoking, edge-of-seat feature, permeated with motifs of broken dreams and claustrophobia.
On the night that low-level gambler, Daz Clemance (Clarke) is leaving Birmingham to start a crime-free life with his girlfriend in Spain, he is accused of fixing an illicit bareknuckle fight. Beaten, stabbed, and locked in a cupboard, Daz is left armed only with his phone and his wits. Will he escape from the locked and guarded room before his boss wreaks revenge?

Adrenaline filled, nerve-jangling and captivating, follow Daz’s intense journey as he tackles survival and redemption in this slick thriller.