Friday 1 October 2021

BAD BEN: BENIGN - Latest Installment in Found Footage Supernatural Horror Series Arrives this October


Breaking Glass Pictures is set to release Bad Ben: Benign, the 9th installment in the beloved found footage horror series Bad Ben, on October 26.

Bad Ben: Benign begins right where we left off, as Tom Riley wanders out of the woods behind his home on Steelmanville Road, and must climb through the window to get inside. He is baffled by objects in the house that aren’t his, things moving on their own, and soon finds himself dealing with evil forces that cause him to rely on the help of others to try and figure out once and for all how to rid the house of evil…including the most powerful demon he has ever faced!

With millions of views for films 1-8, and fans around the world, Bad Ben is the brainchild of director Nigel Bach, who single-handedly created the series in 2016.

"I pitched my ideas to dozens of producers and many were interested but it went nowhere.  For years, I tried it their way and nothing happened", said Bach. "Finally, I decided to just do it myself. Bad Ben worked because I did it my way."

Since 2016, the Bad Ben series has seen eight installments, including:

Bad Ben

Steelmanville Road

Badder Ben

Bad Ben: The Mandela Effect

The Crescent Moon Clown

Bad Ben: The Way In

Bad Ben: The Haunted Highway

Bad Ben: Pandemic

"Nigel Bach is an inspiration to filmmakers everywhere", said Rich Wolff, CEO of Breaking Glass. "His creativity, talent, and determination helped him single-handedly create a beloved horror series. We're thrilled to have teamed with him to help distribute Bad Ben."

Bad Ben: Benign will be released October 26 on iTunes/Apple TV, Google Play, Xbox, Vudu, and through local cable & satellite providers, and on DVD

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