Monday 24 May 2021

TYGER TYGER Trailer (2021) Starring Dylan Sprouse

TYGER TYGER will be released 28th June 2021 on all digital platforms

Energetic, youthful and extraordinarily timely, Kerry Mondragan’s TYGER TYGER defies categorisation, but mixes road movie and romance with post-apocalyptic drama to plunge the viewer into an unsettling and extraordinary world, people by a superb cast of offbeat character, with Sam Quartin and Dylan Sprouse making for charismatic and affecting leads. 

Backed by a pulsing, dynamic score by Emmy-nominated composer Daniele Luppi, and to-die-for visuals of a sun-baked, torrid landscape by award-winning cinematographer Ben Braham Ziryab, TYGER TYGER is a true one-off and a thrilling ride, recalling the early films of punk rock filmmaking pioneer Alex Cox. 

“When it’s their time to burn, we have to let them burn”


After robbing a pharmacy, an unlikely trio hit the road to distribute a ‘life-saving’ medication during a pandemic - but find themselves stuck, and out of their depth, on the fringes of a lawless psychedelic city.