Thursday 25 March 2021

Killer Among Us - Official Trailer - Starring: Yasha Jackson, Imani Lewis, Bruce MacVittie


After her 4th of July shift ends, Officer Alisha Parks, an idealistic rookie commonly ostracized by her male peers, witnesses a drug-addicted teenager named Ricki being forced into a car by a strange man. She brings the abduction to her superiors who ignore it as just another situation involving a junkie.  But Alisha persists and investigates off duty, eventually enrolling the department’s best, albeit wearily hardened Detective Corbucci to aid in the case. Together they uncover that this wasn’t a lone incident, and that the suspect they’re after is in fact a disturbingly indoctrinated, methodical serial killer. Alisha and Corbucci must race against time in order to save this otherwise “forgotten” woman before it’s too late.

Starring: Yasha Jackson, Imani Lewis, Bruce MacVittie

Directed by: Charlie Scharfman

Release Date: 4/16/21