Monday 1 March 2021

An Impossible Project UK Trailer

In the world we live in, sometimes a digital download or an image on a screen just isn’t enough – we’re missing physical connection. We need to hold and feel to connect, awaken our senses and evoke our emotions.

Digital has taken over our lives, from the constant buzz of phone notifications to social-media stories that disappear forever and millions of photos stored on our devices rather than taking pride of place on the mantelpiece. We have apps for everything, from fitness to baking and even for sleeping. We’re reading e-books, streaming, sharing, posting – this is our reality. It’s time for a reset.

An inspiring new feature documentary AN IMPOSSIBLE PROJECT that celebrates all things analogue is an antidote to digital. This warm and witty celebration of a counter-revolution – the comeback of analogue – is set for its UK premiere from Bohemia Media. The film – shot on 35mm and with an amazing live orchestra score will premiere on “virtual cinema” platform, YourScreen ( from 1 March and on digital platforms from 15 March 2021 then in cinemas at a later date (subject to Covid restrictions).

The film follows modern-day Don Quixote, Florian "Doc" Kaps, an eccentric, enigmatic Viennese biologist who risks his career and entire fortune to take on AN IMPOSSIBLE PROJECT to save the world's last Polaroid factory. A courageous, against-the-odds mission to break free from the seemingly unstoppable advance of technology, the story of this self-proclaimed ‘Patron Saint of all things analogue’ is told in this thought-provoking film from director/producer Jens Meurer (Public Enemy, Russian Ark, Carlos).

In an ode to physical formats, the film charts Doc’s drive to keeping analogue alive. His obsession and passion takes him on a journey across the globe where he encounters like-minded souls who share his passion for the tangible, from photography to vinyl.

Along the way Doc meets others analogue superheroes: there’s Moleskine founder Maria Sebregondi, a direct-to-vinyl recording session in Vienna with American Idol singer Haley Reinhart, and a fateful trip to the S├╝dbahnhotel, a 1902 Grand Hotel in the Alps, an all-analogue wonder that has stood empty but fully functional for 43 years and that’s set for a revival… and a there’s surprise twist in the tale. AN IMPOSSIBLE PROJECT is an affecting and entertaining film that offers a deep, satisfying breath of haptic fresh air in these increasingly unreal times. Shot on 35mm and featuring a soundtrack recorded direct to vinyl by a 40-piece jazz orchestra, this intriguing documentary provides nostalgia, wit and warmth from start to finish, as we follow the wonderful underdog story of a charming visionary who has never given up on making the impossible possible. It inspires us to choose our own 'impossible'.

Released on digital Monday 15th March 2021