Friday 12 February 2021


The new DC original animation, Batman: Soul of the Dragon is a martial arts action adventure that is sure to knock you off your feet! To celebrate the new release, we have a kick-ass collection of martial arts movies for you to get stuck into.

Batman: Soul of the Dragon is available on Digital now, and arriving February 15th on Blu-Ray™, Blu-Ray™ Mini Figure and DVD.

Batman: Soul of the Dragon (2021) -

An original story set in the 1970s', this adventure follows Bruce Wayne as he trains under a master sensei. Bruce, along with other elite students, is forged in the fire of the martial arts discipline, but the lifelong bonds they form will be put to the test when a deadly menace arises from their past. Bruce is joined by three of the best martial artists in the DC multiverse: Lady Shiva (Kelly Hu), Ben Turner a.k.a. Bronze Tiger (Michael Jai White), and Richard Dragon (Mark Dacascos), making a team of superheroes not to be messed with.

This animation is the ultimate throw-back to the martial arts mania that took place in the 70s'. With hints of Bruce Lee's Enter the Dragon throughout, and a collection of some of DCs' best Kung-Fu fighters, this latest Batman movie is pure martial arts magic.

The Karate Kid (1984) -

This coming-of-age martial arts drama follows Daniel (Ralph Macchio) as he moves to Southern California with his mother Lucille (Randee Heller). Finding himself faced with a group of school bullies, the Cobra Kai gang, he turns to an unlikely ally, repair man Mr. Miyagi. Daniel soon discovers his newfound friend is in fact a martial arts master. Miyagi teaches his new pupil the secrets of self-defence to settle the feud once and for all in a knock-out karate tournament.

The referee of the tournament is renowned martial artist, Pat E. Johnson, who acted not only as fictional referee, but real-life choreographer for the film, making him the man behind Daniel's signature Crane Kick.

Kung Fu Panda (2008) -

This film takes a new slant on the martial arts classics, with an animated Panda at the centre of its story. Despite being the clumsiest panda in the valley, Po dreams of becoming a Kung Fu legend. So, when he is selected as the Dragon Warrior, he snatches up the opportunity, but Po gets a little bit more than he bargained for. With help from his idols the Furious Five, and training under master Shifu, Po embarks on an epic adventure to take down a villainous snow leopard, Tai Lung.

So, it looks like Panda's can Kung Fu too! This animation is a fun and family friendly introduction into the world of martial arts. With an unlikely hero at its heart, this tale isn't just about a killer kick, but a quest for inner strength and friendship.

Mulan (2020) -

This live action remake of the 1998 Disney classic features a team of well-known martial arts actors, including Connie Yen and Cheng Pei-pei, with Jet Li as it's hard-core heroine. Based on the original story, the film follows a young Chinese maiden who disguises herself as a male warrior to save her frail Father from serving in the Imperial Army. As a battle against Northern invaders looms, Mulan is determined to take her Father's place, training to become the ultimate warrior.

If you're a martial arts movie fan, then you'll recognise the legendary figures in this film. Donnie Yen, who plays Commander Tung, is a household name when it comes to the Hong Kong martial arts films of the 80s and 90s, while Jet Li was no less than a Wushu champion! Making for one killer cast that we wouldn't want to cross!

The Assassin (2015) -

This period martial arts movie is adapted from a ninth-century Tang Dynasty tale about a legendary female martial artist. Set in China at a time of great unrest, the story centres around Nie Yinniang, who is kidnapped and raised by her aunt. She is trained to become a lethal assassin and martial arts master. As the story develops, Yinniang finds herself battling not only her targets, but her conscience.

Filled with exhilarating action scenes, this heroine can swerve several swordsmen singlehandedly, making it a martial arts master piece.

Batman: Soul of the Dragon is available on Digital now, and arriving February 15th on Blu-Ray™, Blu-Ray™ Mini Figure and DVD. -