Sunday 27 December 2020

REVIEW: Jackie Chan is back in VANGUARD arriving in the UK 8th January 2021

Review by Jon Donnis
I am a huge Jackie Chan fan, I have watched virtually every film he has ever made, and he is back in his latest film Vanguard.

Vanguard is the name of a international private security firm, and Jackie is the top dog.

So the story is your usual, girl gets kidnapped, her father is an influential person, the bad guys want money, you can figure out the rest, or read the synopsis below this review for more details.

The thing that most people want to know is, is this film any good? and is Jackie Chan at his best?

One thing you have to realise as Jackie gets older is that he simply cant do the stunts he used to, he is 66 years old! As such since he turned 60 there has been a noticeable change in his films, often he takes more of a back seat role, and allows other younger stars to do the heavy lifting, this isn't necessarily a bad thing, after all, is it really believable that a 66 year old can take on hordes of 20 year old fighters and beat them all?

With that said, Jackie does play a decent role in the film, he is involved in some decent action scenes, and his classic comedy is still there within the fights. And as a big Jackie Chan fan, I am honestly telling you I enjoyed this film, of course I wish that there was more Jackie and that he was still in his prime, but while he can still go, I am sure as hell going to enjoy him.

A big shout out also needs to go to Miya Muqi who plays Mi Ya in the film, she is a truly rising star, and Yang Yang who plays Lei, is churning out a lot of films and making a name for himself too.

The Good
This is a truly global action film, some great scenes in Africa, India and the Middle East really give this film a big feel. The acting is perfectly fine for such a film, and the action scenes are plentiful.

The Bad
I hate seeing any fight scenes where wires are used, I understand that in 2020, with big insurance deals for the stars they are needed, but I do miss the old 80s Hong Kong films, where they really did what you were seeing. There is also some dodgy CGI in this film which took me out of the action a few times.

I am a Jackie Chan fan, and although this film is not his best, it is still good, and I enjoyed it, and I enjoyed watching Jackie perform.

I score Vanguard a solid 7/10

Marking the latest collaboration between acclaimed Hong Kong director Stanley Tong (The Myth, Rumble in the Bronx, Supercop) and action legend Jackie Chan (The Foreigner, Police Story, Rush Hour), Vanguard is a wild globetrotting adventure and a throwback to the days of gloriously over-the-top action cinema. 

When a client of the international “Vanguard” security agency is kidnapped during Chinatown’s famous Lunar celebrations in London, this elite team (led by Chan) is sent to the rescue, taking them on a wildly ambitious mission all over the world. The adventure takes them from the rivers of Africa, to a heavily guarded fort in India, and an exhilarating car chase in Dubai, all the while unravelling a global conspiracy.

Vanguard boasts stunning action choreography, amazing stunts and the brand of fast-paced action-comedy that made Jackie Chan a global star.

CineAsia presents Vanguard in Selected Cinemas and On Demand 8th January and Blu-ray & DVD 11th January 2021

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