Wednesday 29 January 2020

Rogue Warfare - Explosive war trilogy receives Home Entertainment Release

Starring Will Yun Lee & Stephen Lang, the three films in the Rogue Warfare series will be released monthly, between February and April

In the war torn desert of the Middle East, a new threat rises. The Black Masks, combining technology, an unwillingness to compromise, and brutal violence, stand on the forefront of national security to all nations and they must be stopped. The United States, along with the permanent members of the security council have held top secret meetings approving a covert mission to stamp out this new organisation. With unanimous approval from China, Russia, Great Britain and France, an elite squad of special forces is assembled, drawing representatives from each nation, who are classified as the very best each nation has to offer. They stand ready to carry out the world's most important mission: find and destroy The Black Masks.

Daniel is still missing and the team are no closer to preventing the Black Masks from carrying out their plan to destroy all of western civilisation. Without a clear leader, the team is at odds with one another, as they frantically try to stage a search and rescue mission. As the days pass and the team continues to argue, the chances of finding Daniel alive become more and more remote as The Supreme Leader tries to break his resolve through brutal torture. With a last-minute breakthrough, the team must band together and work as a single weapon in order to rescue Daniel. The clock is ticking, the team is ready but will Daniel still be alive?

Outnumbered, left without a clue, the team must start over to find the Supreme Leader and his horde of Black Mask's. As the team preps for their final mission, the stake could not be higher. Daniel is recovering from being captured, but is haunted by dreams of what could ultimately end up being the teams fate, death. While the team re-groups and focuses on new clues, the Black Masks are hard at work making more dirty bombs, this time smaller and more effective. With the information from Daniel during his capture, the team knows the clock is ticking and to finish this they must move now. A united front, a united team; disembark on one final assault on an old American forward operating base to finish this once and for all.

Rogue Warfare will be available on digital download from 10th February and available for Pre-Order here

Rogue Warfare: The Hunt will be available on digital download from 16th March and available for Pre-Order here

Rogue Warfare: Death of a Nation will be available on digital download from 13th April and available for Pre-Order here