Friday 6 September 2019


Clinton Road’s Erin O’Brien is back to get our hearts racing in the exhilarating new psychological thriller What Death Leaves Behind. We caught up with her on the cusp of the film’s L.A Premiere.

What a movie. Very grounded and impactful. This is unlike anything you’ve done before – is that fair to say?
Thank you. I would agree that this movie is definitely unlike anything I’ve done before, or seen.. I have to say, I really love the way this film turned out, it was beautifully shot, the actors All did an amazing job and it was a unique and powerful story.

How could you relate to the story? Did something about in particular appeal to you?
I’m not sure if I related to the story as much as it just really intrigued me.. the story gave me chills and really made me think, it stayed with me long after I read the script and after we finished filming. It made me think that there are for sure a lot of unexplainable things in the world beyond our understanding.

And was the director encouraging of any ideas you had for the story or your character?
Absolutely! And I really appreciated that. I mostly worked with the wonderful Johnny Alonso. We were given so much freedom with our characters. There was a very specific way we were supposed to look and I think that really helped us develop our characters even more. We got some great direction, then we just ran with it!

The city is as much a star of the movie as the cast, wouldn’t you agree?
I absolutely would! Philadelphia is a beautiful city and I’m happy I got to work there. Especially being from New Jersey, I really appreciate my surrounding cities. I think our cinematographer captured the beauty of Philadelphia perfectly. It really added to the story.

Had you worked with anyone from the film before?
I had worked with our fabulous makeup artist Joan Joan’s on a film called One Penny a year earlier.
But I hadn’t worked with anyone from the cast before. Since we wrapped I have been lucky enough to work with both Johnny Alonso & Vincent Young. They are amazing actors and I’m very grateful to have them as close friends as well.

How much time did you get to get the chemistry downpat with your co-stars before filming? Or was it straight into it?
I met Johnny pretty much as soon as I landed in Philadelphia. We met with the director and hit it off right away. We just knew we would work well together and the following day at our first rehearsal it was magic. We had the best chemistry. Our scenes together were truly some of my favorite I’ve ever filmed. I also got to meet Khalil McMillan the first day of filing and he was the sweetest. He was so easy to work with, super focused and a fantastic actor!

The film is hitting the big screen in several markets. Do you believe it’s a film that needs to be seen in a theatre?
I truly think it’s a film that can be enjoyed anywhere. I personally love seeing movies in the theater for the whole movie going experience but this film will be just as great to watch curled up on your couch at home.