Saturday, 1 December 2018

BBC One launches Christmas film about cherishing time with loved ones

BBC One is launching its Christmas 2018 film, Wonderland, which will run throughout the Christmas period on the channel.

The short film illustrates families rediscovering the joy of spending time together at Christmas and will run in key junctions between programmes over the next two weeks.

This Christmas, BBC One will remain the home of the biggest programmes that family and friends can enjoy together including Strictly Come Dancing, Doctor Who, Call the Midwife, Mrs Brown’s Boys, EastEnders, Luther, Hold The Sunset, The ABC Murders, and Les Misérables.

Wonderland follows the story of a teenage boy who lives with his family, in a small seaside town. The demands of everyday life mean that he and his mum don’t get to spend as much time together as they used to. But one day, with Christmas fast approaching, everything changes and they get to spend a unique afternoon together that they’ll never forget. The message is simple; when you do manage to get some time with the ones you love, be sure to cherish it.

Charlotte Moore, Director of Content at the BBC says: “This wonderful film tells a story that I’m sure many of us will relate to. It beautifully compliments BBC One which is all about enjoyment and sharing special moments together. ”

Kerry Moss, BBC Portfolio Head of Marketing, says: “This year’s BBC One Christmas film celebrates the channel’s role in bringing people together. It draws on the insight that at Christmas, time appears almost to stand still, enabling us to escape the distractions of everyday life to be with those to whom we’re closest.”

The film has been created for BBC One by BBC Creative, the BBC’s in-house creative agency. Creatives were Edward Usher and Xander Hart working in to Executive Creative Director Laurent Simon and Director of BBC Creative, Justin Bairamian. The film was directed by Sam Brown through Rogue Films. Cast was chosen from the length and breadth of the UK, and the film was largely shot on location in Cromer, North Norfolk.

Laurent Simon, Executive Creative Director at BBC Creative, says: “Last year, we were a late entry into the competitive world of Christmas campaigns, and yet managed to take one or two people by surprise. So this year, we were keen to follow up with something just as captivating. I’m incredibly proud of the work my team has done and we hope everybody loves it as much as we do.”

The original music for the film is Emmy the Great’s Lost in You. The re-recording for the film was composed by Alex Baranowski and performed by Emmy the Great and London Metropolitan Orchestra.

The film is available from today on BBC iPlayer and the BBC’s social media channels and will be televised tonight for the first time after Strictly Come Dancing on BBC One.

All media outlets can embed the film above, however no advertising is to appear around the film, or in pre-roll and the film must clearly be labelled 'BBC One Christmas film 2018'.