Monday 29 October 2018

Hereford Films announces THE KRAYS 2: MARKED FOR DEATH

London – October 29, 2018

Following the home entertainment success of The Krays: Dead Man Walking, prolific London indie Hereford Films has announced a sequel as part of an ambitious slate of British crime films.

THE KRAYS 2: MARKED FOR DEATH will focus on another untold chapter of the notorious twins' lives: their violent run-in with former boxing star Freddie Mills, who was suspected of being a serial killer known as 'Jack the Stripper', and who some say paid the Krays to murder him and make it look like a suicide.

Casting is underway, and Hereford Films will recruit a 'guest star' to play Mills, similar to Rita Simons' acclaimed starring role in the first film.

Producer Adam Stephen Kelly commented, “The formula for the first film – picking a previously untold story from the Krays' incredible history and casting a significant guest star to anchor it – worked phenomenally well, and so we are repeating it. True crime stories such as these are endlessly fascinating. So long as we keep the story fresh and within the realm of plausibility, this is something that could run and run".

The majority of the first film's ensemble cast is expected to return, with new additions to be announced shortly. Steve Wraith once again acts as consultant on the film as well as reprising his role as Hartnell Harris.

The Krays: Dead Man Walking was a significant success in the DVD market, having had the biggest first week of any non-theatrical British film of 2018, peaking at number 8 in the national chart, ahead of the likes of Black Panther and Ready Player One.

Other films on Hereford Films' British crime slate include gangland home invasion movie Reckoning Day starring Chris Ellison and Red Madrell, casino heist caper Swipe, and biopic Pretty Boy, based on the bestselling autobiography of legendary bare knuckle fighter Roy Shaw, who will be played by Mark Harris. There is also a third instalment of the company's We Still Kill the Old Way franchise on the way, entitled We Still Die the Old Way.

Commenting on the company's busy domestic slate, CEO Jonathan Sothcott said, “The success of our Krays picture is testament to the fact that there is still a voracious consumer appetite for proper, quality British gangster films in the home entertainment space. We are more than happy to fill that space. The Freddie Mills story is even more compelling than that of the Mad Axeman, so the Krays sequel will be bigger and better than its predecessor. The fans are going to love this”.