Wednesday 21 February 2018

Interview with Linnea Sage - Creator of animated series Brainless Agenda

Sometimes you just have to make a bunch of vag jokes! Says Brainless Agenda brainchild Linnea Sage.

Learn about Sage’s latest webseries -of which some famous people are pretty big fans, in this exclusive interview.

This is such a delight. What’s been the most surprising bit of feedback you heard about the series?

I am so amazed that people love this series. My favorite episode to make was the Old Greg parody from the British sketch show Mighty Boosh. The creators of that series loved the episode and that was really validating. The Winklevoss twins also loved my Bitcoin episode, which was so dope.

Have you discovered any unlikely fans?

I was pretty surprised that my Mom loved it so much. I wasn’t expecting that, especially since the Bagel Jewish Mother episode is literally about her. She loved it, though! Some people are great at taking a joke.

I imagine a lot of young women react favorably?

Yes! My first episode about being a female actor in show business went viral I a lot of acting communities. This was before Harvey news broke and it was a great way to commiserate about the sexism in the industry.

How long had you been working on it for? 

My first episode came out in June 2017! So, not long!

Is it arduous putting it together every week?

So much preparation goes into each episode. First comes the inspiration from something dumb I notice. Then I let my brain do whatever it wants for a few days,  compiling jokes and images and character development. When I feel ready I draft a script. After that I’ll sketch a character. From there I’ll record and then I’ll work with my animator to put it all together. The whole process can take anywhere from a week to a month per episode.

What’s been your favorite episode so far?

“Gynecologist who can’t say ‘Vagina’” is definitely my best writing. It’s the most popular episode, by far. Sometimes you just have to make a bunch of vag jokes!

What do you hope audiences get from the series?

Like all comedy, I just want to make people laugh. Even though it is literally a one-minute episode, I hope people catch a break in their day and have something to giggle about while they’re on the toilet or something.

Where can we find Brainless Agenda?

Please follow @BrainlessAgenda on Instagram!
It is also on YouTube if you’re more into that.