Friday 16 June 2017

The LEGO® Batman Movie’s Greatest Villains

Gotham City is renowned for being the most crime-ridden city in the whole (DC) universe! From cat-burglars to mutated clay men, Gotham’s underbelly has a whole host of interesting characters to offer, with many of them making their LEGO-fied appearance in The LEGO® Batman Movie – which comes to DVD and Blu-ray™ June 19!

The Joker
As the leader of Gotham City’s underworld and archenemy of Batman, The Joker has proved his worth at the top of the list. He’s a master criminal and the self-proclaimed ‘Clown Prince of Crime’, not to mention a resident trickster with crazy green hair and face paint. In The LEGO® Batman Movie, The Joker wants to free the universes greatest villains from The Phantom Zone – is this his most dastardly plot ever?

The Riddler
Riddle me this, riddle me that, look out Gotham, The Riddler is back! This puzzling chap just can’t seem to get a sentence out of his mouth without rhyming and spouting riddles, but don’t let that fool you… this green-clad villain is smarter than half of Gotham’s population combined! You can’t miss him in The LEGO® Batman Movie as he comes crashing down with a giant question mark – see if you spot him!

Harley Quinn
Harley wasn’t always so manic, before she turned to villainy, Dr Harleen Quinzel was a respected psychaiatrist at the infamous Arkham Asylum, where she treated one particularly clown-like patient… Her love for The Joker and her crazy nature (along with a giant hammer) make Harley Quinn a wild card for sure! She’s also essential to The Joker’s latest plan, using her disguise as Dr. Quinzel to steal the Phantom Zone gun and free an army of evil goons from the Phantom Zone.

Poison Ivy
Gotham City’s botanist turned toxic temptress, Poison Ivy is a force of nature, manipulating plants and toxins at will to ensnare even Batman! Her eco-powers have allowed her to rise to the very top of Gotham’s villainous hierarchy. She’s also irresistible to pretty much anyone – it’s the pheromones she controls rather than the flowing red hair that pulls you in. You can catch Poison Ivy trying (and failing) to give LEGO Batman a smooch!

What started as one of the strongest and most dastardly villains of the DC Universe quickly became the oddly, adorably goofy LEGO Bane we see in The LEGO® Batman Movie. If this giant goofball doesn’t make you laugh when he becomes Batman’s punching bag, or when he’s the politest villain ever – then there’s a problem with your sense of humour! Hey this guy even helps Batman!
The LEGO® Batman Movie comes to DVD & Blu-ray™ June 19!

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