Wednesday 19 October 2016

Jet Trash - First Trailer Released

Starring BAFTA nominated Robert Sheehan (Misfits, The Mortal Instruments and Sky Atlantic’s upcoming second season of Fortitude), Sofia Boutella (Kingsman, StarTrek: Beyond and The Mummy) and Screen Daily’s 2015 ‘star of tomorrow’ Osy Ikhile (Tarzan, Mission Impossible 5, In the Heart of the Sea), this fast paced feature film brings trouble to paradise and proves there’s no such thing as the perfect getaway.

Jet Trash follows twenty-somethings Lee (Robert Sheehan) and Sol (Osy Ikhile) as they escape from cold, grey London to the exotic beaches of Goa.  Leaving their murky past behind, the boys live-it-up in an X-rated wonderland of sex, drugs and all-night parties.

The dream rapidly becomes a nightmare, as the boys can’t run from their past forever. The arrival of Lee’s old flame, the beautiful but mysterious Vix (Sofia Boutella) brings their problems into sharp focus. Vix steps off the plane with some serious baggage – in the form of vengeful, violent London gangster Marlowe (Craig Parkinson).

In the face of the lovely interloper Vix, the menacing Marlowe and their past transgressions, Lee and Sol must find the strength to stop running away from the past and finally face up to the consequences of their actions.

The creative team behind Jet Trash features exceptional talent; including the award-winning director Charles Henri Belleville and producers Robert Sheehan and Andy Brunskill. Andy is a founding member of the SUMS Film and Media production company, known for producing Lilting, winner of the Best Cinematography at Sundance 2014. The script is adapted by Dan M Brown and Simon Lewis from Simon’s critically acclaimed novel Go.

Robert Sheehan (LEE)
Robert Sheehan has received rave reviews for his performances on both stage and screen.  From his BAFTA award nominated appearance as Nathan in sci-fi comedy drama Misfits, Robert will hit international television scenes, appearing in Season 2 of Sky Atlantic’s Fortitude, out later this year.  Going on to star in feature films The Messenger and The Mortal Instruments, Robert has also appeared in Moonwalker alongside Harry Potter leading man Rupert Grint.  In a case of life imitating art, Irish heartthrob Robert has entered into a romance with his co-star, the beautiful and accomplished Sofia Boutella (Vix).

Sofia Boutella (VIX)
Multi-talented actor, dancer and musician Sofia Boutella used her skills as a classically-trained dancer to become a key member of the StreetDance franchise.  Moving from the world of dance, Sofia went on to star alongside Colin Firth in Kingsman: The Secret Service and will join the likes of Idris Elba in this summer’s blockbuster Star Trek: Beyond. The star’s assent seems unstoppable, with recent confirmation that Sofia will play The Mummy opposite movie mogul Tom Cruise in the fourth film of the series.

Osy Ikhile (SOL)
Featuring in everything from independent British films to US blockbusters, Vogue Drama’s ‘one to watch’, Osy Ikhile’s meteoric rise has been marked with appearances alongside Hollywood heroes Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible 5 and Chris Hemsworth in In the Heart of the Sea.

Craig Parkinson (MARLOWE)
Blackpool-boy Craig is a familiar face on British screens. His major TV credits include a bewitching performance in thrilling police drama Line of Duty, Channel 4’s Indian Summer and a stint in Misfits alongside Jet Trash co-star Robert Sheehan (Lee).  Making his feature film debut in 2007 with Anton Corbijn’s Control, Craig went on to play alongside Dame Helen Mirren in Brighton Rock and starred in coming-of-age drama SoulBoy.