Tuesday 14 June 2016

Cinema and digital HD release of THE VIOLATORS on 17 June 2016.

Bulldog Film Distribution are proud to announce the cinema and digital HD release of THE VIOLATORS on 17 June 2016.

A powerful and engaging British drama, THE VIOLATORS is the directorial debut of acclaimed writer Helen Walsh, who also wrote the film, following her award-winning work on novels including best-sellers The Lemon Grove, Once Upon A Time In England and Brass. The cast is led by rising stars Lauren McQueen (The Mill,Ordinary Lies) and Brogan Ellis (Waterloo Road) alongside Stephen Lord (Penny Dreadful,Shameless, Route Irish), Liam Ainsworth (Kajaki), Derek Barr (Pride) and newcomer Callum King Chadwick.

After testifying against her abusive father, Shelly (McQueen), finds herself rehoused on a sink estate she can barely call home.  A petty thief, Shelly spends her days roaming the estate and docklands in search of opportunities.  When she attracts the attention of estate loan shark and groomer, Mikey Finnegan (Lord), Shelly finds herself thrust under the watchful gaze of a mysterious stranger, Rachel (Ellis).  As Shelly's relationship with Mikey develops, so does Rachel's fixation with Shelly.  The shock-revelation that Shelly's father is to be given early parole forces Shelly to make a decision that will alter the fates of all three of them forever.

Set amid the desolate beauty of a post-industrial wasteland, THE VIOLATORS is a meditation on the meaning of home, and the potency and fragility of young girls' sexuality.
Delivering terrifically assured lead performances are feature-film newcomers LAUREN MCQUEEN and BROGAN ELLIS in the lead roles of Shelley and Rachel. A year before filming began, the filmmakers spotted Lauren McQueen in the TV drama Good Cop and invited her to work-shop some of the scenes from the script.  They were blown away by the moving and mature performance the then 16-year old Lauren gave, and knew they had found their leading lady. Lauren got the bug for acting during the filming and has continued with her next feature Carolyn Saunders' THE WASTING to be released later this year.  Local actress Brogan Ellis had similarly impressed writer/director Helen Walsh and executive producer Kevin Sampson with her transgender role in WATERLOO ROAD, and was their top choice for the supporting female role of Rachel.

HELEN WALSH was born in Warrington in 1976, and her first novel Brass, about a female sex addict, was the recipient of a Betty Trask Award and published to great acclaim around the world. Her second novel, Once Upon A Time In England,won the Somerset Maugham Prize.  She has written four novels to date, all of which have been published internationally. The Lemon Grove, her most recent, was a critically acclaimed best-seller. All of her work touches upon the complexities and ambiguities of female sexuality.   THE VIOLATORS marks her debut feature film as writer/director and is produced by Red Union Films, with the support of the BFI Film Fund.
UK / 97 minutes / 2015 / Cert: TBC / Released by Bulldog Film Distribution