Monday 5 January 2015

Drones - A Review

Thriller centred around America's war on al-Qaeda. Based on limited evidence, two soldiers must decide whether to go ahead with an attack on a suspected terrorist using deadly military drones. After being trained not to think or speak out of place, a general's daughter (Eloise Mumford) and her new partner (Matt O'Leary) have some tough decisions to make when civilians threaten the success of their mission and they begin to question their superior's motives. Will they follow orders and embrace the capabilities of their new weaponry?

Review by Jon Donnis
So I sat down to watch this film, and I have to be honest my hopes were not high, after 10 minutes I was ready to turn it off, obviously low budget, it wasn't grabbing my attention, however I persevered and I am so glad I did.

This entire film is set in real time, and is pretty much based in one room, where two soldiers control a Drone system. They are ordered to attack a terrorist, but they have second thoughts and start to question their orders.

Drones ends up being a very thought provoking film, that is surprisingly well acted, and despite the low budget, and short run time (About 75 minutes), its the kind of film that really makes you consider and think about the choices that drone pilots have to make.

If you like big explosions, expensive visual effects then this film is not for you, but if you want a film that will make you think, and entertain you at the same time, then I say give it a go.

I am your classic big action film fan, yet I still loved this.

A very commendable 8/10

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